Life after twins

“There’s life after twins! I had twins and there’s life after twins!” I smile and push the grocery cart further on, but think to myself, I promise you I have a lot of life right now!

Every night my table is full. Full of laughter, food, stories, noise, and full of life. I am sleepy every day but I can recall taking daily naps as a twenty something year old and I firmly believe I will always be sleepy after lunch no matter how many hours of sleep or how few interuptions of said sleep there are. My quiet momentls have the music of children’s laughter in the background and are accompanied by little fingers holding onto my own as I sip my coffee. My worth is constantly reinforced as cries broadcast their confidence that they will be answered in time by a loving mother. My job is busy, challenging, and rewarding. Your attempt to comfort me that it will all be over soon has not helped in the way you thought kind sir. It has infact given me contentment and joy in this moment and I no longer look to the next stage. Thank you.

P.S. Three hours after writing this I checked my watch about 30 times to try and will my husband home faster. Parenting is in one moment absolute bliss and the next is wondering how you’re going to make it to the end of the day, night, or moment. I have felt this way with one just as equally as I do with four. I have felt as stressed and just as blissed out with every stage of our family.

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