Anyone else have spring fever in January?? 3 things to do to get your fix

I believe spring is just around the corner. I am wrong but I still feel that way every year after Christmas. Christmas is in December and the only thing after Christmas that matters is spring. I know it’s slightly delusional but I love spring so much I can feel its approach even on a cold winter night in January.

This year I have lots I can do about it. Here are three things you too can do to brighten up any winter day with a little extra green in your life.

1. Get a cold frame and you can open the tiny little door and have a picturesque spring day inside. The tender lettuce, arugula, and kale will greet you with their sunny disposition even when it’s cold and snowy. Plant them in the fall early enough to have them at least 3 or 4 inches before the cold hits.

2. Start seedlings inside as early as January. Many plants should be started indoor as early as 10 weeks before the last frost, which is January for most people. I use a heat mat with seedling cells and attached dome for humidity that I purchased online for around $30

3. Buy indoor plants or cut flowers. Any space looks happier with a few fresh flowers or happy greenery.

These flowers were $10 dollars and last 2-3 weeks

Winter is nice for a reset, a chance to think, read and snuggle under some blankets. It’s a perfect time to plan, create, and dream, but when the dreams are of new growth and fresh starts there is a lot that can be done even in the middle of winter.

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