Ditch the Diet

I ate healthy for the first time on a recent road trip and I was sooo hungry! Food is important to me. I make 99.9% of all the food and snacks my family eats. It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it. What I didn’t realize though was how satisfying and satiating making your own food is.

We had decided to camping with our small family to the desert. The wildflowers were out in all their splendor and they were prolific. Spring was in the air and call me crazy I couldn’t wait for a road trip with the family ( a two year old, a 9 month old and my husband) I went to the grocery store and got fancy organic popcorn, (approved on many a specialty diet),organic juices, date snacks, organic banana snacks, fruit and berries, I was ready. After chowing down on my snack selection I realized I had consumed well over 1,500 calories of food that was supposed to be low calorie guilt free snacking and I WAS STILL HUNGRY!!!

My day to day sandwiches and fruit, leftover chicken and olives or even a slice of homemade pizza may have had “a lot of calories” but I knew I shouldn’t eat too much pizza because my stomach felt full. I didn’t eat 1,000 calories worth of PB &J because I got feedback from my belly that said you’re getting full. But when I snacked on store bought snacks I didn’t get that signal. Instead I was feeling slightly unwell, grumpy, guilty, and worst of all HUNGRY. I could have spent those calories on a large burger, fries, and a milk shake and I would have known it was unhealthy but at least I would have been full and happy.

My weekend of eating healthy snack food left me eating tons of calories, feeling grumpy and hungry compared to happy and satiated

I choose to make all of our food from scratch with whole ingredients. If we need food on the go and I’m running short on time I make a PB&J and grab some fruit. For breakfast on the go we eat hard boiled eggs and toast. I save extra quesadillas and put them in baggies for “emergency food”. We eat second and sometimes third lunches but avoid fast food and store bought snacks, because I have learned that if someone is hungry, they want real food. I give my kids light snacks like fruit or raw veggies to make it until dinner time or just let them get hungry until a real meal is made. Diets are unsustainable mentally and physically. Instead we make all our food and try to eat fruit and vegetables as much as possible. We go around feeling full and maintain healthy body weights. Try it for a month or a week. Plan the menu for a month to make it a little easier. Eat only food ingredients you mix/bake/sauté or eat whole. I promise you’ll be happier, fuller and lose weight.

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