The little known MUST HAVE for MOMS

It’s a blue tooth headset or head phones of course. Let me explain. You have a newborn for example, and you’re baby wearing and trying to take the trash out because it’s full of diapers. You’re wearing your favorite tights, and just trying to get a few things done while the baby peacefully rests. You are in no mood to be going around town with a wee one and though your exhausted and everyone says to sleep when the baby sleeps you feel you may go crazy if you don’t get things done. Sound about right? Well while you’re debating taking the trash out vs going out (you know to Target) you aren’t chatting with your bestie because your hands are literally full. You think about it but it’s easy to say you’ll call when you get a free second, when you’re done with whatever it is you’re doing. Reality check you never get done and you never get a free second. The dishes are the next thing to burn a hole through the back of your head with their piercing stare, then it’s the laundry, and if you have other kids they are demanding your attention as the baby sleeping on your chest as you cook dinner, do a dance and sing a song.

That’s why every mom especially new moms need a hands free way to chat. Put it in and call that other mom you’ve never called before. Call your bestie, your own mom or grandma. But just call. Complain, reminisce, share the un-shareable emotions of caring for your own child. You can laugh as you try to describe the mustard explosion with kicking rolling feet, legs and arms while simultaneously taking care of it. Be a mom, get it all done, all at once. Call the insurance about the bills coming in because they didn’t add your child on your insurance as you feed one child lunch and nurse a baby…ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Stay involved in people’s lives. Ask how their promotion/marriage/lunch is going. Feel connected, stay connected. Being a mom and especially being a mom of young kids/babies can be incredibly isolating. Leaving the house sometimes means waking sleeping babies, skipping toddler naps and packing for three hours to leave for 10 minutes, but calling, getting out and connection with others especially women keeps us happy, healthy, and sane.

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