Rustic bench made from Pallets

I had been wracking my brain for an idea of what to do with ALL the pallets I have been picking up around town. The inside and the back… OK the front need a lot of TLC. I knew I could use them I just didn’t know how…yet.

After all of the hard work of dismanteling the pallets

As I began to plan the layout of the vegetable garden I was spending more and more time outside sorting rock, measuring out garden beds and walkway sizes and deciding between different layouts, I decided I needed a bench for the many days I would be outside weeding, harvesting, and just watching the plants growing.

I wanted a narrow bench with a simple rustic look and decided to go with a simple design. Two boards (54 X 5&1/4 X 3/4-exact measurement ) for the top with the 2X4s for the legs and supports. I used some scrap 1x2s for the angled supports and to complete the A shape on the legs. Getting the angle for the angle supports was tricky but I ended up using a straight edge to help me get a nice line to cut the angle. I drilled pilot holes for the nails because the wood was so thin and had splits from taking the pallets appart. I will be adding an additional pair of legs in the middle of this bench or adding additional support beneth the top seating wood because the pallet wood is too thin and flexes a bit under my weight.

For now the bench is still inside. I just can’t seem to put my baby out in the elements just yet.

Stay tuned for the awesome paint job and the garden layout!!!

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