Fun, cheap date

Valentines day is hard. There are expectations that it has to be done a certian way. Flowers, cards, jewlery, and of course going out to eat. It feels so staged so set and like such a ploy from companies to bet you do things a certian way. Valenties day almost makes me want to boycott the whole thing, except for the fact i love it. I love the idea of a set day to be sweet, to tell eachother that your happy the other is your life, you cherish them and want tonset apart something special.

Instead of doin the usual, do a paint night. My husband came up with this idea for a date night a while back but we saved it for valentine’s day. I got so excited about it i asked if we could do it a day early, to “practice”.

After putting the kids to bed we got out the wine, the paint, brushes, and paper. It was so fun, so cheap, and intimate. We talked, we laughed, and best of all we were alone. No crowds and no distraction. Our lives are busy with cleaning, cooking, work, projects for the house and yard, plans for getting outside, and exercising. Spending time together is so important for us right now. For us it’s important to get as much out of that time as possible. That means cutting out distraction and doing things we really want to do rather than what a date is supposed to look like. Whatever you have planned for this Valentine’s day realize how important your time is. 

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