Why aren’t we fun anymore?

I recently went to a play date at a local gymnastics gym and I was the only one playing with my kid. I mean literally playing along side my child. All the other mothers seemed to be too self conscious to run, jump, hang, swing, or just generally try. Is this a phenomnenon just relegated to the female sex? Another woaman congratulated me on swinging on the rope into the foam pit. She told me that her husband comes to the gym occastionally and plays on the balance beam or the high bars but I didn’t see her playing at all. She clearly wanted to but felt she couldn’t. It made me wonder why more weren’t playing and why I was. And I think women are afraid, it’s the same fear from high school, you think you get over it once you grow up but it’s still there.

What would happen if more women, and more men for that matter, took themselves little less serious and had a little more fun? Our sons and daughters would feed from the energy and, I believe would be more creative, more adventurous and more willing to take those risks that lead to success.

Photo bombs are always fun

Children should be an excuse to have more fun, to sing louder, to do a little more dancing to jump a little higher and do an extra spin.

Also fun to pretend to be a ninja

I want to challenge everyone with our without kids but especially if you have kids, to do one ridiculous embarrassing thing. Do a silly walk across a sidewalk with a completely straight face, do a spin after picking up your coffee from the counter, pretend to run frantically to catch up to the shopping cart you “let get away” with your toddler in it, just do something to make your kids laugh.

6 thoughts on “Why aren’t we fun anymore?

  1. Oh my goodness! This is so true! I notice the same thing when I go places with my kids! You know what, my kids a few weeks ago made an obstacle course out in our back yard and I thought it was important as a supporting mother to take that opportunity and run that course. The kids loved that I gave them my time to try out the course they worked so hard on. Plus I was able to show that nothing else was important other than me having some time with them! A lot of people truly loose their sense of humor and fun ways once becoming an adult. However, it is important to express that youthfulness with your children, it builds a closer bond with them!


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