My Genius Idea that kept a two year old busy on 8 separate flights

We live in Prescott Arizona and have family in Oklahoma and Kentucky so that means for Christmas we will fly a total 8 separate legs. My son is 23 months and my daughter is 6 months old. That means we can still fly for free with my son for one more day, but we aren’t able to sit in the same isle due to only one extra oxygen mask per row. So that means my husband was alone with a two year old. I wanted to be really prepared for the 4 days of flying we were going to be facing and I think I really nailed it this time after 6 separate trips with kids under two.

Here’s what we brought

  1. Five (the more the better) surprise bags with a toy and three tiny snack bags. The idea is the more things to open the better.

2. An I pad with downloaded Pocoyo episodes (my two year old’s favorite show)

3. The baby k’tan sling for sleepy babies.

We packed LIGHT, as in I brought two pants and four shirts as did my husband and my kids had one pair of pajamas and three outfits. Granted I was pretty sure my kids would get clothes from the grandparents and we had constant access to a washer and dryer. 

The goal was to pack everything for two adults and two kids (age 2 and 6 months) into one carry on bag. Did that happen? NO . I did most of the packing three days before the trip and on the morning of lots of odds and ends got thrown in the carry on bag meant only for presents, but we came pretty close. This is what it looked like.

What I wish I would have done 

  1. Remembered the bottle of milk in the freezer ( frozen liquid doesn’t have to be opened and the vapors checked or be put in a box to have the refractivity of the light checked, which will save you abou 5 minutes.)
  2. Packed less makeup;)
  3. And that extra pair of heels, who am I kidding? One pair of versitle shoes would have been fine but I don’t actually regret bringing them.
  4. Two coats ? Unnecessary; I only brpught two pants. One would have been fine. But I’m not beating myself up about it because I packed so light with the other things. 

We ended up taking

  • One checked bag for Christmas presents (OK we used about 1/3 of that for extra stuff ) 
  • One carry on (the Osprey farpoint 40)
  • One smallish diaper bag (Lily Jade)
  • One Stroller (the baby trend jogger) We sometimes squeeze both kids into a single stroller and it works for a little bit.
  • Two car seats (the Graco extend to fit and the baby trend infant carrier) We secured the Graco to the checked bag with a sling for rock climbing and the baby trend snaps into the stroller with the diaper bag draped over the handle. 

As a self proclaimed minimalist it still feels like a lot and I want to get it smaller….but it’s a work in progress. This time the diaper bag was mostly empty which was nice to not have things falling out and not worrying the most entertaining toys would be lost.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth it to see family and to get out and travel

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