How to make a sieve to sort gravel

The whole project took only about 30 minutes to complete. The lengthy part is collecting the parts.

First look on Craigslist or call local companies who may throw wooden pallets away

After collecting the pallets hit them on the underside with a hammer to loosen the board enough to get the claw side of the hammer under the board and try to get it directly under a nail if possible to pry the board off. Now repeat until you have removed all the boards and nails.

 I wanted the sieve to fit over my wheel barrow for easy transportation of clean dirt the sieve had to be at least 40 inches long. The pallets were not long enough so I cut two 2x4s 40 inches each from scrap wood. The other two sides were 30 inches so the pallets were perfect for the short sides.

Next lay the hardware cloth over the frame you have created and lay a piece of wood over the construction cloth to sandwich the wire mesh between two pieces of wood and secure it with nails. For the ends Tuck the excess under like you would a gift so the sharp edges are not exposed. I was able to use the pallets for the outside layer since they were only used to secure the mesh and not used as structural support. 

And that’s that. Stay tuned to see some dramatic pictures of the sieve in action;)

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