How the forgotten side flower bed went from trashy to classy

First I started with actually seeing the flower bed. I had walked by it so many times on the way to the back yard or dumping the trash never having seen the thing. In the book The Blue Thread there is a passage that says “in a room that had long ago stopped being seen by it’s inhabitants” So often I see a problem with the house but seeing it every day I stop recognizing it as a problem. One way to avoid this and one of my favorite ways is to make a list of all the things you would like to change about your house. Not today or this week, maybe not this year but one by one you tackle an item on the list and begin a transformation. 

Second I researched and looked for solutions. Not finding many resources I combined the little information I did manage to gather with the fuzzy vision in my head and went to the store.

The forgoten flower bed

What I knew I wanted 

  • Alternating textures
  • colors that contrasted 
  • low water need plants
  •  Two types of plants for a repeating pattern

Alternating Fireworks fountain grass with Blue chalk succulent

For long narrow beds it’s best to create a pattern 

  • This bed has two distinct textures with the height of the grass contrasted with the short mounding succulent.
  • The contrasting texture of the sharp thin grass against the rounded soft succulent
  • And finally the two contrasting colors. Think about the color wheel from elementary school. This color combination works because the colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. 

Finally adding in free rocks I found in and around my house I created a modern look against the humble older house. This cost me $48 by purchasing plants that were half off and using rocks from the yard. 

1/2 inch rock for a more modern look

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