Judgy McJudgerson

I judge people. I look at all the stupid things they do and say and I judge them. Wasting money, wasting time, wasting talent, foiling their own plans with lack of foresight while I blithely glide over me own guffaws. The green light I mistook for a green arrow narrowly missing a large truck side swiping my four children and I, hours spent on instagram or facebook ignoring children literally crying out for my attention, frivolous spending on embarrassingly shallow items like Prada sunglasses, ignoring my husband while complaining we don’t have any time together. The list could go on and on.

So I’ve made a pact with myself and anyone reading this; everytime I see something that stirs that shallow surface of judgment I’m going to do something that makes me better, something that feeds the deep well inside. I am the only one directly under my control and I will do just that, controll. If I see rudeness and anger I will take extra time and energy with others or my own family. I will take the forethought to pour into someone else or something else. Shallowness plastered on social media? Fakeness I’m tempted to mock or belittle? I’m going to write a story, a poem, paint a picture, sing a song, or plant a plant, I’ll make something truly beautiful. I’m going to do this until my reaction is no longer superiority but empathy, grace, and a tendency to look inward at the condition of my own soul before judging another’s. So basically for the rest of my life.